Sunday, December 16, 2012

LG DISHWASHER _ ERROR CODES AND DESCRIPTION _ MODELS - LD-1420W2 (D1420WF) / LD-1421W2 (D1421WF) / LD-1420T2 (D1420TF) / LD-1421T2 (D1421TF) / LD-1420B2 (D1420BF) / LD-1421B2 (D1421BF).

Inlet error. 
Condition:  Not reached to the normal water level in spite of 10 min. water supply.
Possible causes:
  1. The Water Tap is not opened.
  2. The Inlet Hose is kinked.
  3. The Filter of inlet valve clogged by impure water.
  4. The Inlet Water Valve is normal ?
  5. The water pressure is very low. ( below 0.5 kgf/ )
  6. Inlet valve is blocked by safety device for leakage sensing.(In case of Inlet Valve).
    • Open the Water Tap.
    • Repair the Inlet Hose.
1.      Close the Water Tap.
2.      Unscrew the Inlet Hose (Inlet Valve side)
3.      Clean the Filter of Inlet Valve.
Replace or repair the Inlet Valve.
Check the water remain on the base.
1.      Check the point of damages and repair or replace the related parts.
2.      Disconnect the inlet hose to dishwasher to unlock the safety valve.
Drain error.
Condition:  Not fully drained out in spite of 5 min. drain operation.
Possible causes:
  1. The Filter clogged.
  2. The Drain Hose kinked or blocked.
  3. The Drain Pump/Motor or circuit is troubled.
    • Clean the Filter.
    • Remove the cause of kink or block.
    • Replace the Drain Pump/Motor or repair the Circuit.
Leakage error.
Condition: The water level in Tub goes down during operation.
Possible causes:
  1. Water leakage in Hose connections.
  2. Water is leaked by damages.
  3. Impeller of the washing Pump is worn away.
  4. The Thermal Protector of the washing motor is functioned
    • Replace the connections of Hose.
    • Check the point of damages and repair or replace the related parts.
    • Replace the washing pump.
    • Check the applied voltage.
Excess error.
Condition:  Excessive water is supplied than normal water level.(Automatically drain Pump operated.).
Possible causes:
  1. The Inlet Valve is troubled.
  2. The Air Break is troubled.
  3. The Sensor Assembly is troubled.
  4. The Controller is troubled.
    • Replace the Inlet Valve.
    • Replace the air breaker.
    • Replace the sensor assembly.
    • Repair or replace the controller.
Thermal error.
Condition:  The resistance of thermistor not normally out put.
Possible causes:
  1. The Circuit of thermistor is troubled.
  2. Thermistor is troubled.
  3. The Controller is troubled.
    • Repair the Circuit of thermistor.
    • Replace the Thermistor.
    • Repair or replace the Controller.
Heater error.
Condition:  The water is not heated or the temperature in the Tub is overheated to over 95 Degree C
Possible causes: 
  1. The Circuit of Heater is troubled.
  2. The Thermistor is troubled.
  3. The Heater is shorted.
  4. The Relay Circuit is troubled.
    • Repair the Circuit of Heater.
    • Replace the Thermistor.
    • Replace the Heater.
    • Repair the Relay Circuit.
Cool dry.
Condition:  No error message.
Possible causes:  This process is not part of the program. At this time, the fan will operate for a few more minutes to diminish any remaining moisture. If
you want, you can now open and unload the dishwasher. Otherwise the dishwasher automatically switches off for safety and energy saving later.


This is not an error code indicating a malfunction.


The display shows
PF” code.
This indicates there was a power failure. This function protects the dishwasher in the event the power goes out or the power to the unit is disrupted. When power is returned and a button is pushed, this will display for 10 seconds and then go away.
The display shows
Cd” code.
“Cd” means Cool-Dry. This is additional drying cycle for drying performance of ‘Quick’ course. This cycle runs for 30 minutes.
The display shows
St” code.
“St” means Sanitary. This is additional sanitary cycle using UV.  This cycle runs for 4 hours and if customer want to stop, turn the power off.
The display shows
CL” code.
“CL” means Child-Lock. This function is used to lock or unlock the control buttons to prevent all the setting from being changed by a child.
The display shows
F” code.
When the unit is displaying “F”, the sensor is measuring the amount of soil. After 5 minutes sensing(except draining and filling), the unit will display the processing time.
The display shows
numbers between 1 ~ 19.
This is not an error code, but indicates the setting of the delay start. To cancel the function, turn the power off. To change the course and option, open the door and select other course and option. Delay wash will start after door is closed.